csgo backtracking

What is backtracking in CSGO

CSGO Backtracking is a feature in CSGO that allows you to kill enemies not in the position they are in currently but in the position they were in previously. Due to an exploit, Counter-strike allows backtracking up to several hundred milliseconds or longer which would allow you to kill a player who has peeked from behind cover and then hidden again.

The CS-GO Backtracking hack will determine the exact moment when the enemy pops out and makes that crucial kill. People often ask if this is legit backtracking or rage backtracking and to that we say it depends how you use it, you can register today and ask in our support forums for help understanding more.

1 Second backtracking might be a thing of the past, or it might continue to work, only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, this backtracking hack for CSGO is certainly capable of making the kill. If you combine the backtracking with our CSGO wallhack then you have pretty much everything you need to carry your team to victory!

Feb 6, 2018
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